Mom’n Me

Mom’n Me Program is specially designed for students 6-10 years old who come to Turkey with their Moms. There are in-campus activities for moms while students are in the English classrooms.

In-campus Activities for Moms:

Language Lessons, Zumba, Yoga, Art Lessons, Gastronomy Workshop and more.

Combination of General English Program for children with various activities for moms, and common activities and trips through Turkey will make your summer unforgetable.


    • Campus Location: Bursa
    • Age: 6-10 y.o.
    • Class Hours: 16 hours per week + live & applied English
    • Class Size: 5-8 Students per class
    • Level: Beginner to Advanced
    • Accommodation: Certified Residence, Hotel Type
    • Course Duration: 1 and 2 weeks
    • 2023 Course Dates: 12.06-25.06
    • Teachers: Accredited and certified English teachers
  • ABOUT Mom’n Me:

    Bursa, First Capital of the Ottoman Empire, reflects the early period of it’s culture.

    Known as "Green Bursa", the city is filled with gardens and parks, and has a unique location with seaside and Mountain view.

    History, Culture, and Modernity are blended in this city!


    All 3 Campuses are located in modern neighbourhood with security 24/7. Free WIFI is available in the campus. Classrooms are equiped with smartboards, lockers. Facilities are open to access for moms during the day. Campus Facilities Including: 4 Multi-purpose official sized sport halls (Football, Basketball, Volleyball), 2 Swimming Pools, 2 Indoor Tennis Courts, 2 Ballet Studios,

    • 1 Mini Golf Field,
    • 4 Dance Studios, 3 Music Studios, 1 Football Field,
    • 2 Fitness Centers,
    • Studios, 1 Robotics Labs, 1 Coding and 2 Advanced Coding Labs, Student Lounges and Cafeterias in Every Campus, 1 Amphitheatre, 2 Conference Halls, Dining Halls, 2 Yoga Studios.