Summer Delight in Turkey

Mt. Uludağ(Olympos): It is believed that this is where the Ancient Gods sit and watch the most epic wars. Amazing view at the top of the Uludağ. At the national park you will get the freshest air, take photos and we’ll have a barbecue there.

Grand Bazaar: Worlds oldest and biggest mall. It is active for hundreds of years and there many things you can find in the shops. You will feel the vibe of the Bazaar with its labyrinth like architecture.

Cumalıkızık: Visit a very old Ottoman Village and see how was the life of the ordinary Ottoman folks. It is a natural movie set for the most popular Turkish TV shows.

Koza Han (Cocoon Market): Very old silk market it was built in 1491 by an Ottoman Sultan. Queen Elizabeth the Second couldn’t hesitate shopping here during her visit. You’ll drink the world famous Turkish Coffee and see the fabulous handmade silks.