Our School:

Natillus Global, established in 2015, is a leading Turkish International Summer School that provides educational and touristic tour packages for students and families. Our school is based in Bursa, Turkey, and it is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Education. 

International connections:

NATILLUS  Global  is well known educational brand was a part of various educational fairs worldwide and continue to be, despite all difficulties of 2020. With our a growing network of partners, what reaches 500 professional International Educational Agencies we recruit students from more than 85 countries, and aiming to welcome students from all over the world.

Our Partners aren’t just partners, they are our friends and part of NATILLUS family, what is growing day by day.

Spirit of Natillus: 

Our philosophy is not only to guarantee a life-defining experience but also safe and fun trips. We attach a major importance to discovery and cultural diversity. In this respect, our programs are designed to help student develop their English skills in a real world setting.

Our Programs:

Thanks to our hard work, we have been able to reach a total of 3000 students.  (K-12) and we pride ourselves as one of the industry leaders in this area.

We offer a variety of intriguing programs to our students:

         International English Summer Camp: Turkish Summer Delight

         Family Program Mom ’n Me 

         Winter Camp, Snowy Paradise in Pamporovo, Bulgaria and Uludag in Bursa

         Short and Long Term Adult Language Courses in Turkey

Our accomplishments have also opened up opportunities for us to grow without limits and expand our horizons with the following programs:


      - Natillus Turkish Universities Network (NTUN): This program offers vocational, undergraduate and graduate programs in the top 25 universities in Turkey.

- Natillus Travel: This program gives the opportunity to our guests to explore marvelous places in Turkey. It’s a chance to dive into a realm of discovery; from exquisite cuisine, glorious history and tons of surprises to come.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to reach students from around the globe so they can enfold a future with a multi-cultural perspective.


“Natillus Global, 

               Around the World”