Top 10 Fun Facts about Ephesus

Top 10 Fun Facts about Ephesus

·      Did you know before the rich people used the stone toilets, that were arranged side by side with no partition between them, that their slaves sat and 'heated' the toilet stone for their masters?

·      Did you know one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Temple of Artemis, is at Ephesus and that it was 4 x's as large as the Parthenon in Athens?

·      Did you know one of the best presents we've ever heard about? The Celsius Library in Ephesus was the third largest library in the ancient world after Alexandria, Egypt, and Pergamon, Turkey. It had a capacity of 12,000 scrolls and was given as a present to Cleopatra from Marc Anthony?

·      Did you know Ephesus is considered the greatest outdoor museum of Turkey and yet it is only 25% excavated?

·      Did you know that the famous motto of "an individual can and can "not" step into the same river twice", was from one of the early philosophers Heraclitus who was born in Ephesus?

·      Did you know the ancient Romans knew the true shape of the world even back in the 1st century AD? How? Look under the foot of Emperor Trajan. It is resting on a round shape to symbolize his rule of the world.

·      Did you know the facade of Celsius Library has 2 stories but the interior facade has 3 stories because of original architecture?

·      Did you know the first advertisement in antiquity, was in Ephesus? You will see this outside the library.

·      You used to be able to walk from the ancient port to the theatre past a column and shop line marble road for almost a mile.

·      Did you know The Grand Theatre in Ephesus has a seating capacity of 25,000 and a height of 38 meters?